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Madrid Stag Do

Unforgettable stag weekends in vibrant Madrid
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wine tasting
Dinner party
Three wine glasses with samples on wood counter
1h 30min
Up to 20 people
Embark on a journey of flavours with Madrid Wine Tasting — An exquisite exploration of Spanish wines, perfect for connoisseurs and novices alike.
From: 47€/person
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laser tag game player shooting light gun science fiction vest in black light
Laser tag play arena with fluorescent paint, energiser room.
laser gun player shooting in futuristic labyrinth
Up to 16 people
Dive into a futuristic battlefield with Madrid Laser Tag — An exhilarating and strategic team game that combines technology, fun, and excitement.
From: 35€/person
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cover photo
Person on the battlefield in a paintball
Paintball in the forest
selective focus of paintball player in goggle mask and camouflage aiming by paintball gun outdoors
1,5 h
Minimum 8 people
Enter the thrilling world of Outdoor Paintball in Madrid — A high-energy battle of strategy and skill, perfect for an adventurous stag weekend.
From: 35€/person
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cover photo
Throwing axe
Man throwing axe at a target
Of woodcutter axe
Up to 20 people
Step into Madrid's thrilling world of Axe-Throwing — A unique blend of skill, competition, and fun, perfect for an adventurous stag party.
From: 35€/person
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man drive go kart on track
Go kart racing and motorsport
A young man drives a go kart at circuit
20 min
Up to 12 people
Feel the adrenaline surge with Outdoor Karting in Madrid — High-speed racing on professional tracks for an unforgettable stag do experience.
From: 39€/person
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cover photo
Young archer training with the  bow
girl shoots from an arrow bow at a straw target in the countryside
target arc shooter person
Min 8 people
Embark on an exciting game of Archery Tag in Madrid — A thrilling combination of archery and strategy, perfect for a dynamic stag do.
From: 30€/person
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top view of table diner with tapas food - friends people eating and grabbing appetizer sitting around together
Typical pintxos and wine tour in Bilbao
Assortment of pastries from a Spanish bakery.
Tomato cream with chopped ham and boiled eggs; typical spanish tapa; made with tomato, bread, olive oil, vinegar and garlics
2,5 h
Min. 5 people
Explore Madrid's culinary delights on a Tapas Tour — An epicurean adventure through the city’s finest eateries, perfect for food-loving stag groups.
From: 65€/person
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escape room game
Escape room
60 - 75 min
Up to 20 people
Challenge yourselves in Madrid’s Escape Rooms — A thrilling race against time filled with puzzles and mysteries, ideal for a strategic stag do.
From: 35€/person
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Beautiful female flamenco dancer in traditional dance dress. Young woman dancing flamenco on oldtown square. Flamenco is traditional Seville dance in Spain
Dancing woman on the stage
Up to 20 people
Experience the soul of Spain with a Flamenco Show in Madrid — A passionate and vibrant performance that embodies the essence of Spanish culture.
From: 39€/person
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cover photo
stag fiesta
Up to 20 people
Immerse in Madrid's Ultimate Stag Fiesta — A perfect blend of Spanish culture, vibrant entertainment, and unforgettable party experiences.
From: 55€/person
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cover photo
a big party bus fill ed with comfortable seats and shiny bright floor for dancing and having fun
bus driving on road towards the setting sun
Let me tell you what happened then...
1 - 2h
Up to 20 people
Take the party on the road with Madrid's Disco Bus — A moving fiesta equipped with lights, music, and endless fun for a dynamic stag night.
From: 400€/group
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cover photo
Beautiful sexy young woman with perfect slim figure with long dark hair and wet bathing suit fashion in stylish glasses from the sun is sunning by swimming pool swim, sunbathe have fun at beach party
Friends having party by the swimming pool
Enjoying pool party with friends
No limits
Dive into Madrid's exhilarating Pool Party scene — A splash of fun under the sun with music, cocktails, and an unforgettable stag celebration.
From: 45€/person
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cover photo
Man bearded bachelor celebrate drink champagne. Stag party. Sexy girl strip dancer surprise. Birthday stripper for him. Hipster bachelor celebrate. Idea bachelor party. Private dance for bachelor
part of the body of the girl dancing striptease
Girl with a beautiful figure and long legs and hair dancing. Ideal figure. Toned style instagram filters, red background. Dance Twerk Concept
No limits
Elevate your Madrid stag do with a sensational Stripper performance — A blend of allure and entertainment for a truly memorable night.
From: 300€/group
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cover photo
Female striptease
two young sexy striptease dancer with mask
silhueta de bela mulher sexy dançarina sensual fetiche dança a noite
No limits
Indulge in the seductive ambience of Madrid’s Striptease Clubs — A night of sophisticated adult entertainment for a stag do with style.
From: 35€/person
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cover photo
Whiskey. Group of friends guys with glasses of whiskey. Concept party, bachelor party barbershop.
Group of young men toasting at a nightclub
No limits
Embark on a Private Pub Crawl in Madrid — Discover the city’s vibrant bar scene with exclusive access and a personalized stag night adventure.
From: 35€/person
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About Madrid Stag Do

Welcome to Madrid Stag Do, the Leading Experts in Designing Unforgettable Stag Weekends in Madrid’s Dynamic Atmosphere. Established in 2014, our team is passionate about delivering exceptional stag experiences, leveraging our rich experience, profound knowledge of Madrid, and our deep love for this vibrant city.

Our expertly designed stag party packages stand out in their excellence, featuring partnerships with the most sought-after clubs and venues in Madrid to guarantee a celebration that will resonate long after it ends. We’re in tune with Madrid’s electrifying nightlife and are committed to guiding you to the city’s most exciting events and parties.

We offer a comprehensive range of stag activities, designed to cater to every taste and interest — whether it’s heart-racing adventures like archery tag and outdoor karting or more relaxing pursuits such as wine tasting and tapas tours.

Navigating a new city can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered. We handle all logistics, including smooth transportation to and from your accommodation, so you can focus on enjoying the vibrant Madrid lifestyle.

Our dedication to your stag do’s success is reflected in our 24/7 customer service and our focus on every detail, no matter how small. Our aim is not just to meet but exceed your expectations, crafting a stag do in Madrid that will be remembered as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits! Contact us now to begin planning an extraordinary Madrid Stag Do that you and your mates will reminisce about for years to come.

12 Tips for an Unforgettable Madrid Stag Do

If you’re preparing for a Madrid Stag Do, you’re about to embark on an incredible adventure. Here are 12 tips to help you plan the ultimate stag do in Madrid:

Dj mixing outdoor at beach party festival with crowd of people in background - Summer nightlife view of disco club outside - Soft focus on hand - Fun ,youth,entertainment and fest concept

1. Book Early: Madrid is a favourite destination for travellers and party-goers. Ensure your stag do bookings are secured well in advance to get the best deals and spots in the city.

2. Combine Nightlife with Daytime Adventures: Renowned for its vibrant nightlife, Madrid also offers a wealth of daytime activities. Enjoy cultural tours, and park visits, or attend a football match to enrich your stag do experience.

3. Indulge in Spanish Gastronomy: Explore Madrid’s culinary scene. Savour traditional dishes like tapas, paella, and churros con chocolate.

4. Local Drink Culture: Madrid boasts a rich and varied drink scene. Don’t miss out on tasting local Spanish wines, and sangria, and visit traditional taverns.

5. Optimal Timing: Plan your trip in the shoulder seasons (spring or autumn) to avoid large crowds and enjoy good weather.

6. Safety First: While Madrid is generally safe, it’s important to stay vigilant, especially at night. Watch out for your belongings and stay in groups.

7. Explore Beyond the Tourist Spots: Venture outside the city centre to discover hidden gems. Visit neighbourhoods like Lavapiés and Chamberí for an authentic local experience.

8. Budget Wisely: Madrid offers great value, but it’s still important to budget your expenses to ensure a smooth experience.

9. Savour Every Moment: Enjoy the camaraderie and unique experiences Madrid offers. Every moment will add to the stories you’ll share for years.

10. Experience Madrid’s Art and Culture: Visit world-renowned museums like the Prado or Reina Sofia for a touch of culture.

11. Adventure Activities: Engage in thrilling activities like go-karting, paintball, or even a hot air balloon ride over the city.

12. Madrid’s Green Spaces: Unwind in Madrid’s beautiful parks like Retiro or Casa de Campo for a relaxed day out.

Top Locations for Your Madrid Stag Weekend

When it comes to celebrating in Madrid, certain areas stand out as the top choices for an unforgettable stag do. Here are some of the key party zones in the city:

Malasaña and Chueca: The epicentre of Madrid’s vibrant nightlife, these neighbouring districts are known for their eclectic mix of bars and clubs. Malasaña, with its indie spirit and retro vibe, is filled with unique spots that offer a lively and boisterous party experience. Chueca, known for its inclusivity and energetic atmosphere, adds to the diverse nightlife with chic bars and clubs, making these areas a must-visit for a night of fun.

Huertas and Barrio de las Letras: In the heart of Madrid, these districts boast a variety of stylish bars, pubs, and tapas restaurants. The nightlife here is vibrant and diverse, offering everything from traditional Spanish taverns to modern cocktail bars, all set against the backdrop of Madrid’s literary history.

La Latina: For a mix of historical charm and contemporary entertainment, La Latina is the perfect destination. While it’s known for its laid-back daytime ambience, the area transforms at night with lively bars and authentic tapas joints, offering a more relaxed yet equally enjoyable experience for those looking to immerse themselves in Madrid’s rich culture.

Gran Vía and Sol: Venture to these central Madrid areas for a taste of the city’s mainstream nightlife. Here, you can find a range of entertainment options, from large nightclubs and theatres to casual bars, all perfect for a night out in the heart of Madrid.

Why pick Madrid for your stag do?


Madrid attracts a diverse and international crowd, allowing you to meet people from all over the world and party with like-minded individuals.


In Madrid, women effortlessly embody a radiant allure, showcasing a distinctive style that seamlessly blends with the city's vibrant atmosphere.


Indulge in the culinary delights of Madrid, where every bite is a flavorful journey through the heart of Spanish cuisine, from mouthwatering tapas to exquisite paellas.


With a plethora of budget airlines connecting Madrid to major European cities, securing an affordable flight is a breeze, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to activities and nightlife.


Dive into the renowned club scene in Madrid, boasting top DJs, outstanding venues, and nights you'll never forget.


Discover the enchanting urban wonders of Madrid, where historic landmarks and modern marvels seamlessly converge, creating a captivating cityscape that tells a story of both tradition and innovation.
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Friendly locals Check Check Check Cross Cross Check


Our professional team has cherry-picked only the best experiences in Madrid, so you can have the best of times on your stag do.


We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.


Working without middlemen or agency fees, we are able to negotiate the best prices and provide you with great value for your money.


Our 24/7 customer support is where we show our passion, bringing you a better experience by making your well-being our number one priority.

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